Katie Dunnavant


Steven Becker

Wedding Party

Amy Bruce

Matron of Honor

Amy is my older, wiser sister and built in best friend forever. She has had no choice but to be by my side quite literally every day of my life, so there was no question that she was the person I wanted standing right beside me when I marry my guy! She is 10 years older than me, and though we are pretty much always in different stages of life, she has always been the person I look up to most. She is my role model in every way - I mean so much that I chose the same profession and graduate school as her! Little sisters, am I right? ;) She is the go-with-the-flow to my stress-to-the-max and can always find the good in every situation. Whether we are binge watching friends, laying by the pool, or spending way too much money at target, my favorite days are spent with her!

Madison McKnight


Madison and I met in 2011 when we endured a painfully inaccurate high school wellness class together. After being taught that pizza is an excellent choice for breakfast (since it hits all the food groups, duh) and several other poor life lessons, we decided it would be best if we figured out the real life lessons together. We spent most of our high school days attached at the hip, whether at soccer practice, getting sushi, or having "spa nights" in Madison's basement. After a long 4 years of long-distance best friendship throughout college, Madison and I reunited as roommates for graduate school in Memphis. She loves me through my need for a constantly tidy apartment and never turns me down for a dessert date. What more could a girl ask for in a best friend?

Kelli Kampwerth


Kelli and I met in 2014 when we joined the same sorority in college. We started as sorority sisters but Kelli is truly like another real life sister to me. She is one of my very first phone calls when I need to make a decision, rant for an hour, tell the most pointless story in the world, or just talk about life. Kelli is a dream of a friend. She is loyal, kind, honest, and constant. You don't find many people in the world like her. She is such a blessing in my life everyday and I am thankful that I get to call her one of my best friends and have her by my side on the best day of my life. The biggest added bonus of our friendship is that we will truly be friends for a lifetime because we are marrying best friends!

Mollie Carroll


I met Mollie during sorority recruitment in 2015. I was sold the first day I met her. I thought this girl had to be in our sorority, but I knew she had to be my friend. And what an incredible friend she has been! I admire so much about Mollie - her fearlessness, her compassion for others, her ability to somehow do it all with grace and class. We have lived in the same town for all of two years of our 5 years of friendship, but it seems like we haven't missed a second of each others' lives. She let me crash at her house during clinical rotations, she answers my very frequent phone calls, and she is always there when I need her!

Anna Schlagenhauf


Anna and I met in college in 2014. She wasn't sure she wanted to be my best friend right off the bat because I was a little dramatic for her taste. I can't say much has changed there, but I can say I was persistent enough that she is still one of my best friends in the world 6+ years later. We were roommates for a year and a half in college and share some of my absolute favorite memories. Anna is a friend who can literally always make me laugh. She is a constant joy in my life, and I am so proud to call her my friend.

Laney Bogard


Laney and I met in 2015 when she joined my sorority. She started out as my little and quickly turned into a best friend. This friendship is so special to me. To know Laney is to love her. She is such a light in my life and I admire her loyalty to the ones she loves and courage to just go for it in life. Laney moved about 9 hours away after college, and when I told her that I was going to be a couple hours away from the town she moved to, she did not bat an eye to drive to me for a girls weekend. I couldn't imagine my wedding day without Laney by my side!

Kathelene White


I honestly can't even remember my life without my KW. We have been through every stage together - awkward middle school, high school and college when life seemed like it couldn't be harder, and now adult life (when we are wishing we could go back to high school and college). She even dates my brother, though I'll always make sure everyone knows she loved me long before she loved him! Kathelene is the kind of person you want to be when you grow up. She is patient in the most trying circumstances, she is kind to those who least deserve it, and she is selfless in all situations. I am so lucky to have her as a lifelong best friend.

Lauren Kelly


Somehow, Lauren and I didn't manage to become friends until almost our second year of PT school - even though (unbeknownst to us) we had lived right across the hall from each other for a year. Even though we got a late start, this is a friendship I will always be thankful for. Lauren lights up every room she enters. She is fiercely loyal to her people, and she goes above and beyond for her friends every day. She is one of the only people I would wake up at 5:30am to study with, and she is also one of the only people I'll stay out all night with anymore. I could not imagine my wedding day without this girl by my side as the life of the party.

Clint Ratermann

Best Man

There is no one I share more interests and groups with texts than Clint. Everything from sports, podcast to everyday things, I'm pretty sure Clint and I have spoken directly or indirectly everyday since high school. We shared countless rides to Damiansville and back throughout high school, and have continued to be the 2 funniest guys we know throughout the years.

Cody Ratermann


Dr. Dad. One of my oldest friends, Cody came to ASA after kindergarten and immediately became the best kickball player. To which I am still bitter.

Adam Kampwerth


Adam and I grew very close in college. Some would say we were inseparable throughout some crazy times. Ironically Adam was there the first day I ever met Katie. I was asked to coach Katie's sorority ultimate frisbee team. Knowing that I couldn't do it alone, I drug him along. Luckily for him it worked out because I like to think that Katie and I were integral in him landing his now wife, Kelli (See Bridesmaid number 3).

Evan Trame


Evan and I started to become close during high school when most of our friends were placed in the "smart" science class while we were sent to Earth Science. From there we determined that we were very similar in that we love to quote movies and rap songs. We have remained close throughout college and even when Evan moved to the worst city in the world.

Parker Lawrence


Countless hours on and off the golf course have lead Parker and me to become great friends. Truly a wildcard, Parker is a go to guy for any spontaneous dumb idea that I want to do.

Austin Fields


The only person I annoy more than Katie, is Austin(that's saying a lot). My roomie for the last 2 years of college, we shared more good times than bad somehow. Whether it was leaving the shower mat soaking wet or leaving the trash on the back porch, I never failed to get a reaction from him. Austin taught me how to be a good roommate so Katie should be thankful.

Robbie Donnewald


Hey meet my friend Robb. Another one of my oldest friends and probably my biggest rival. Robb and I will compete against each other in literally anything. Through our fierce competitions we've maintained a great friendship.

Jacob Theising


JT is the definition of an anytime, anywhere kind of friend. He'll drop whatever he's doing to go out of his way to help you out. He will also lie to you when he says he will bring you home when you say you want to leave the bar early and then proceed to take you to the next bar.

Ralph and Sam Bruce

Ring Bearers

Katie's (and soon-to-be Steven's) nephews will be the most fun addition to the wedding party! These two love their Aunt Katie, but almost-Uncle Steven is their favorite! We can't wait to see these guys tear up the dance floor on June 12!

Cora Bruce

Flower Girl

Cora is Katie's niece and mini-me. The sass is real with this little one, but she will be the life of the party and one of the prettiest girls in the room! We can't imagine our day without this girl to make us belly laugh!
Pixel and Hank