Katie Dunnavant


Steven Becker

Katie Dunnavant and Steven Becker

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Our Story

Steven and I met while attending Murray State University for undergrad - GO RACERS! Steven was finishing his junior year, while I was finishing my freshman year. Our story began on an intramural field - little did I know that the rest of my life would be spent watching sports with the guy who happened to be coaching my team that day! My friends and I decided to start an ultimate frisbee team and since none of us had any experience with the sport, we knew it would be a hilarious time. Somehow, Steven was talked into being our coach. We had never met before, but I made a really great first impression by rolling my ankle in a hole mid-game. The rest was history! Juuuust kidding. Steven took his time making a move. We met in the spring and it was nearly July before he first texted me. We began dating in August 2015 and spent the next 16 months dating in Murray. I knew Steven was the one for me when he jumped right in with all my crazy friends - I like to think I did the same with his friends! Much of our relationship has been spent surrounded by our incredible friends and family who have shaped our relationship and watched us grow together as a couple.

After Steven graduated, he moved home to Illinois and shortly after moved to St. Louis. I stayed in Murray until 2017 and then moved to Memphis, TN for Physical Therapy school. More of our relationship has been long distance than not, but we have had some of the best times imaginable driving back and forth for weekend visits. We have experienced so many major life events together - job changes, graduate school, adding a fur baby to our little family, and now moving 10+ hours away from our family and friends to build a life together and try to navigate this crazy world by each others' side. We could not be more thrilled to be living in the same city again and finally planning our wedding! We are so incredibly excited to celebrate our marriage with our friends and family on June 12!
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